Breaking the Shackles of Debt

Cost of debt According to statistics the average US household is paying almost $7000 in interest a year and in most cases this represents almost 10% of the average household income which is estimated to be just over $75,000. That is a large chunk of money out of your available income. Interest is simply making […]

How To Stop Your Debt Addiction Problem

One time I was talking about debt (well, what else do I have to talk about?) and related issues with my sister (another debt survivor), when she told me about this friend of hers whom she said was addicted to debt. Now that term—debt addiction— fascinated me. There are so many people in debt now […]

How To Overcome Debt Denial

Denial, in definition, is a form of a defense mechanism. However, being in denial does not make the problem go away. We can choose not to open those bills and let the calls from creditors go to voicemail. But that will not make the debt any less. If you do either of these things, and pretend […]

How To Pay Off a Debt Before It’s Too Late

Last thing I ever imagined in my life was to be nose-deep in debt at the fresh, young age of 27. At a time in life when my friends of the same age were planning dream weddings, backpacking through Europe or were gushing about getting a career-making job, I was crying in front of numerous […]

Should I Take Out Loans To Pay Loans?

If you’ve ever gone to college, owned a credit card, built a home or had kids go off to college, whether you should use loans to pay loans is a question you will ultimately have to answer. Debt can be devastating, financially, emotionally and spiritually speaking. I know this first hand. I incurred a massive debt sending […]

Soul-Crushing Debt Paying Tips from People Who Actually Did It

Can you imagine being 26 with over $100,000 in student loan debt? I don’t have to imagine, I’ve lived it. Needless to say, debt like that can be devastating. My debt made me extremely depressed, and my health subsequently began to deteriorate. This was over a decade ago. By the time I finally paid off […]

I Paid Cash for Graduate School and You Can Too!

The following post is by TaNiqua. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in spring 2013. I took the summer off and began graduate school in fall 2013. I debated on whether or not to further my education. I decided I didn’t have anything better to do and might as well pursue it. I looked into […]

Paying off Credit Card Debt: How it Saved Me

Do you know what they call credit cards in Japan? Loan cards. Because that’s exactly what these deceptive little pieces of plastic are. We don’t actually realize that each time we swipe our credit cards, we are essentially borrowing money at a hefty interest rate. Paying off credit card debt wasn’t a real concern to […]

Creating a New Normal, Without Debt

The following is a guest post from Harmony at Creating my Kaleidoscope. Enjoy! What seems blasphemous now, felt perfectly normal back then. We married young and bought a small house; so far, so good.  It wasn’t long, however, until we succumbed to the pressures of being “normal.”  The new house needed furniture and appliances.  We went out […]

4 Fun Things I’ll Do When I’m Debt Free Someday

Sometimes it’s just nice to think fantasize about all the things I’ll be able to do with my money when it’s really mine someday. You know, after my debts are ALL paid off. It’s going to be a while before this happens. I set a goal to be 100% free from credit card debt this […]