Hanging With Friends Fo Free- Four Ideas to See Your Friends and Save Cash

Over the last year, as I was crushing my student loan debt, I lived very frugally. I cut out any and all ‘extra’ spending. If it wasn’t rent, gas or food, I wasn’t paying it! I’ve always been frugal but this was next level. I’m talking total money lockdown. As anyone who has tried to […]

Internet Bill: From Free to $1.75 a Day

I am at Starbucks as I am scheduling this post. (Don’t worry, penny pinchers, I just got a tall coffee. It’s $1.75, calm down.) So why am I at Starbucks? Am I one of those pretentious writers trying to make sure people see me writing? Do I think I’m a baller? No and no. Friday night […]

Your ass is fat, get off it!

Now we all know I’m actually rather partial to my ass, but “there’s a doughnut around your mid-section, don’t eat it!” wasn’t quite as catchy. (Although, it’s not terrible either!) I’m not picking on fat people, by the way. I’ve packed on more pounds than I want to admit since becoming an accountant and busy […]