6 Tips On Having Fun When You’re Broke

Having fun when broke seems like such a difficult thing to do. We do need something fun once in a while to let loose and shed stress. Here are several innovative entertainment options that don’t cost a penny for those in debt: 1.       Borrow Movies From the Local Library Majority of local libraries offer lifetime […]

Tips For Being Frugal

I’m on my twelfth month with debt. Twelve more months to go and I will be free (hopefully)! For the past year or so I’ve done my best to save up money. My frugality has verged between the extreme (two months only eating dime ramen) and the reprehensibly irresponsible (VIP tickets to Magic Mike XXL; […]

My Frugal Wins Lately

As much a like to remind y’all that I’m definitely not the most frugal blogger out there (and that I’m ok with it), I have actually had some really good frugal wins lately. More importantly though, I feel excited to know that more and more bloggers are finally talking about why it’s ok to not […]

3 Ways Debt is Holding Me Back

Ya’ll I have not been doing so well with my debt repayment lately. With major things like car repairs, washing machine repairs, and doctor’s bills, it’s been a tough couple of months. But after attending FinCon15, I was re-inspired to get back on track with paying off my debt. Why? Because I am tired of […]

Hanging With Friends Fo Free- Four Ideas to See Your Friends and Save Cash

Over the last year, as I was crushing my student loan debt, I lived very frugally. I cut out any and all ‘extra’ spending. If it wasn’t rent, gas or food, I wasn’t paying it! I’ve always been frugal but this was next level. I’m talking total money lockdown. As anyone who has tried to […]

Keeping Up with Those More Frugal

If you’ve been reading personal finance blogs for very long I’m sure you’ve come across at least one post about how keeping up with the Jones family down the street can harm your finances by causing you to spend more money on things you may not even truly value. But did you know that swinging […]

20 Fun and Cheap Hobbies to Adopt This Year

As part of my plan to become financially serious, I’ve taken on an accountability partner, I’ve reassessed my budget, and now I’m trying to practice having cheap fun. Having fun with friends, or by yourself, doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some of the fun and cheap hobbies I’ve tried, and some I’m planning […]

Paying Off Debt When You Make Peanuts

Today we have a guest post from Kara. She’s here to tell you how she’s managing to pay off her debt despite a very low income. I make almost no money. I made $22,253 this year and will make around $23,000 next year. I have 4 part-time jobs that add up to this sad little […]

Frugal Solutions: Repairs are Sometimes Cheaper than Buying New

The other day was I just minding my own business, vacuuming and cleaning away with music playing quietly blasting in the background, when all of a sudden my vacuum made a scary sound, started stinking horribly, and began blowing dirt back at me with a vengeance. It was like my vacuum was possessed! (Although in […]

Antiquing and Thrifting – Frugal Fun!

I don’t want to make myself sound like an old maid, but I’m going to let you in on one of my favorite “secret” sometimes frugal activities – I love to go antiquing and thrifting! Apparently, that’s just one of the many things Cat and I have in common. 🙂 Don’t know what that means? Don’t […]