4 Unique Ways to Make Money Online

Almost everyone wants to make more money. That’s pretty much a given right? More money means faster progress on your financial goals, like getting out of debt, building an emergency fund, and saving for a large purchase. Sometimes making extra money also means that you can allocate more money for the fun things in your […]

4 Reasons I Love Getting Paid to Write for Blogs

This post is a part of the Get Paid to Write for Blogs Course Launch. Get Paid to Write for Blogs is a brand new course created by Cat Alford of Budget Blonde. Cat makes a full-time income from writing for blogs and this course will teach you how to do the same. I started getting […]

5 Ways to Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

When I first started working my way out of debt I had some serious cash flow problems every month. It’s not that my budget was more than my take-home pay, but rather the problem was that more than half of my monthly bills were due during the first half of the month. Because I’m paid […]

Fighting My Way Out of Debt

Today’s guest post is from my new blogger friend, Kat. Enjoy! Debt sucks….period!! I wished we all lived in a world where no one had debt! Wouldn’t that be awesome? But for now, let’s come back down to earth where most people that I know have some form of debt. Some common types include student […]

Should You Get a Seasonal Holiday Job to Pay Down Debt?

Hi guys! Cat here. I was just talking to my best friend who told me she wants to get a job at the mall for the holidays. She just wanted to make some extra cash since she recently moved out on her own (woo hoo!) I actually convinced her to start freelance writing online, and […]

You’re Rich! Never Mind — You’re Broke! The Ups and Downs of Freelancing

  According to Gallup, the number of Americans who feel disengaged at their jobs outnumbers happily employed people by a two-to-one margin. If you want to become a freelancer because you hate your current job, you could end up being really happy. However, if you’re assuming that becoming a freelancer will lead you to a four-hour […]

You Might be a Workaholic If…

As part of the PF community – no matter whether you are a fellow PF or debt blogger, or a blog stalker reader – we are all working toward one form or another of financial independence. Many of us are so dedicated to making our financial dreams come true that we are even willing to […]

Breaking up with Debt for Good

Today, Melanie from Dear Debt is taking over the blog and we are excited to have her sharing her debt story with us! Debt and I have been in it for the long haul. I signed my student loan papers at age 17 – a whopping 12 years ago. The thing is, when I was […]

Blogging = Being a Hermit

I haven’t been at this whole blogging thing for that long – only since December 2013 – but already I can see how much work it truly is to run a blog. There is a lot more to it that just writing down your thoughts. You have to do behind the scenes work, social networking, […]

Budget Confession

I haven’t been here very long, but it’s already time for my second confession: I don’t budget all my income every month. Not only do I work a full-time job, but I also have a part-time job, a few online freelance jobs, and a direct selling business that all generate income for me each month. I work […]