Why You Should Give Yourself a Weekly Allowance

Today we have a guest post from a reader about how she manages her finances. Enjoy! I have been giving myself a weekly allowance for the past two months. This was my plan with starting my new job. I only get paid at the end of the month so I had to find a way […]

Why I Love Peoples’ Post-Black Friday Stupidity

Ahh Black Friday! I know it was about 1.5 weeks ago now (although I’m still getting tons of sale emails and ads every darn day), but I just realized that Black Friday has longer-reaching financial implications than some people realize. I’m not just talking about how long it will take you to pay off your […]

3 Ways Debt is Holding Me Back

Ya’ll I have not been doing so well with my debt repayment lately. With major things like car repairs, washing machine repairs, and doctor’s bills, it’s been a tough couple of months. But after attending FinCon15, I was re-inspired to get back on track with paying off my debt. Why? Because I am tired of […]

5 Ways to Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

When I first started working my way out of debt I had some serious cash flow problems every month. It’s not that my budget was more than my take-home pay, but rather the problem was that more than half of my monthly bills were due during the first half of the month. Because I’m paid […]

My 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes

Last week, one of my favorite bloggers, John at Frugal Rules, posted about 7 money mistakes he can’t believe he’s made. Prior to reading his post, I had already thought about dishing to you guys about some of the dumbest money moves I’ve made in the past, but John’s post inspired me to finally go for […]

How to Makeover Your Bedroom for Less

I’ve gotten the re-decorating itch lately. All that’s on my mind whenever I go into my bedroom is the urge to paint and redecorate it. It definitely needs a facelift. I’ve had the same color scheme and décor in my bedroom since early 2010 and even at that time, the décor wasn’t my first choice. […]

Breaking Bad (Financial) Habits

Everyone has a bad habit of some kind, including everything from compulsive shopping to smoking or drinking a bottle of wine a little too often (ahem!). But what you may not know is that your bad habits are hurting your finances. Sometimes it’s obvious that your bad habits have an impact on your finances, while […]

Financial Implications of Being Sick

It’s just that time of year I guess. Between colds, stomach bugs, being miserable with allergies, and strep throat, lots of illnesses have been making their rounds through my group of friends, my family, and my co-workers at both of my jobs. In fact, I had to take a sick day myself back in January. […]

How to Create a Successful Life on a Tiny Budget

Today we have a guest post from Deborah Shelby. Enjoy! Six and a half years ago, after a failed marriage, my children and I were living in a low-income apartment. After having been a stay-at-home mom for a few years, I had re-entered the business world from the bottom rung. I was barely earning minimum […]

Get Your Valentine a Gift for Less

This post was created in partnership with Groupon Coupons. While some people may consider couponing dangerous for your wallet, as long as you don’t get carried away with it, coupons can be an incredible resource. If you’re equipped with enough self-control to coupon on a regular basis, you should check out Groupon Coupons! Groupon Coupons […]